Good News Story

I had spent 32 years working in one Directorate and since 2001 in the same L&D Team.  As you can imagine 14 years in one team can make the workload no longer challenging and working with the same customers for 32 years, you stop being developed.  The initial catalyst for change started,  with a major restructure in 2014 and a new Manager joined our team and started to ask all team members thought provoking questions. 

Since 2014, I had been shortlisted and interviewed a few times but did not manage to get the job I wanted.  Following some changes within the L&D teams, I asked for some coaching to freshen up my outlook of L&D, examine my role within the team and the wider service area and develop opportunities for me to access new areas of work.  I also wanted to develop a sense of work – life balance whilst achieving my work objectives. 

I signed up and obtained agreement with my Manager.  I selected a coach from the pool, someone who I felt would challenge me and my thinking processes.  My coach was brilliant, very focussed on my goals and yet flexible enough for me to talk through some projects I was working on and training I had attended.  We were both very busy people and the coaching lasted around 9 months with 6 two-hour meetings. 

By the end of the sessions I met with my Coach and Manager to evaluate any improvements achieved.  Feedback was excellent from my Manager and I felt able to vocalise where I required opportunities for change and new work experiences.  I also felt recognised for my achievements in the workplace. 

Finally, my chance came, there was a reshuffle of the L&D teams in November 2016 and my Manager informed me that I would be moving to a new team working with new customers on new projects.  Within 4 weeks I had re-organised my former projects, handed them over to other team members and met with my new Manager for a mini induction.  I was allocated new and exciting projects.  In January 2017 I had settled in with my new team and rising to the challenges of working within a new arena.  As a result of coaching I now feel I am able to shape and influence my future career and I am confident of the skills and knowledge I possess within my L&D Practice.

Coachee from Sandwell MBC