Post Conference Resources

Thank you for attending our 11th annual conference, below you will find slides and resources following the event.

KEYNOTE: Ed Hollamby - ESH Consultancy: Lessons from Me, Matt, Maya and McGee
KEYNOTE: Linbert Spencer (OBE) - The Centre for Inclusive Leadership: Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion: Why it Matters
Case Study A - Adapting to a changing world through Peer Group Coaching – Henri Stevenson, Annie Medcalf and Karen Egan
Case Study B - May the Force be with you – Nichola Bennett
Case Study C - A Slice of the Millennial Pie: A recipe for Success – Ed Moss
Seminar 1 - Being present in this fast world – and enabling your clients to be the same – Christian van Nieuwerburgh
Seminar 2 - Creating high performing teams in the agile workplace – Dave Corbet
Seminar 3 - Including inclusion in your coaching and mentoring – Linbert Spencer (OBE)
Seminar 4 - How safe is your moral compass? – Julia Duncan
KEYNOTE: Maria Symeon - Future of Coaching Collaboration Group: Disruption, mega trends, future of work: Do they matter for coaching, why and how?
KEYNOTE: Kim Morgan - Barefoot Coaching: Step into the new World – Inspiration for the future

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