2018 Conference Exhibitors

At the conference you will have chance to visit a number of exhibitors stands, check out who will be there and what they will be offering below:

ILM – Platinum Sponsor and Exhibitor

ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, coaching and management qualifications and training.

We develop the leadership skills of over 95,000 managers each year.

The right mix of inspirational leadership and effective management skills can significantly boost your organisation’s profit, sales, growth and survival. 93% of employers see tangible increase in their managers’ capability after an ILM qualification.

More employers recognise our qualifications than any other provider, which is why 2,500 ILM Approved centres develop three times more leaders than our nearest competitor.

As part of the City & Guilds Group, we offer you unrivalled experience in the sector and our Royal Charter brings the highest level of prestige. 88% of our clients say they would recommend ILM as a key partner to work with.

Visit our stand at the conference to find out more about how ILM can support you and your organisation.

Find out more: www.i-l-m.com

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Thinking Focus – Gold Sponsor and Exhibitor 

Thinking Focus is a business improvement consultancy, helping teams and organisations deliver different and better results through improved thinking. We help develop skills, ability, capacity and improved capability for individuals and teams to remove interference – perceived and real. Thinking Focus has developed a toolkit for thinking that, when applied by people in the workplace, drives up productivity and team effectiveness.

One such tool for developing managers is an innovative gamified learning product called ‘What Would You Do?’ Use of this resource involves participants in meaningful discussion, promoting debate on difficult topics in a safe environment – with facilitated peer learning, challenge and public commitment to drive behavioural change.

Find out more: thinkingfocus.com
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West Midlands Employers – Conference Organiser and Exhibitor

Come and meet the team to find out more about how West Midlands Employers can support you and your organisation to recruit great people, develop their effectiveness and ensure you can work to the best of your ability.

WME services include providing expert HR advice, coaching and mentoring training, leadership development, end to end recruitment including a successful executive recruitment offer and an associate consultant service to help build capacity in organisations.

Find out more: www.wmemployers.org.uk
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Barefoot Coaching – Exhibitor

Barefoot Coaching is a leading provider of coaching, coach training and coaching-related services for individuals and organisations. Our flagship product is our International Coach Federation / University of Chester accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Personal Coaching, which we run as open courses and in-house for organisations.

Our corporate services include supporting organisations to build a coaching culture, bespoke coach training and supervision for in-house coaches. We work across almost every business sector, both nationally and internationally.

We continue to support our coaches with supervision, conferences and rich programmes of CPD, including courses such as Coaching Skills for Parents and Team Coaching.

Visit our stand to access books, cards and resources to support your coaching and hear more about our programmes.

Myndflex Employees often identify opportunities to improve their performance and wellbeing by changing how they feel and react in challenging work situations. This area of mindset change is something that coaching clients frequently present with.  Coaches who are experienced and skilled in facilitating psychological change can be highly effective in helping people to unlock self-limiting thoughts.  But external coaches with these skills are not affordable for everyone.  And internal coaches are not always fully confident in their ability to help people in this area, either because they don’t think they have all of the skills required, or because of the limited time they’re able to give each individual they’re working with.

Myndflex® is a new, cost-effective solution for organisations who want to facilitate employees’ development in becoming more self-confident, calmer or more measured at work.

Myndflex® Products

  • Online toolkit – an online, self-coaching package that employees can use independently or in their work with a coach
  • Coach workshops – workshops that deepen coaches’ professional skills in using Myndflex®, a cognitive behavioural approach.

Come and find out how Myndflex® can help you.
Find out more: www.myndflex.co

Kogan Page is a leading independent global publisher of business books at all levels encompassing the fundamentals of business, practical guidance and cutting-edge business topics. We publish some of the world’s foremost and innovative books for professionals in Management and Leadership, Marketing and Public Relations, Human Resources, Coaching and Change Management, Logistics and Operations, and Entrepreneurship and Careers.

John Blakey, author of The Trusted Executive, will be signing his books at the Kogan Page stand. Be sure to come along and grab a copy and other key coaching and mentoring titles at 20% off.

For now, you can browse our catalogue here: https://www.koganpage.com/page/catalogues

The University of Warwick offers a variety of professional development courses in Coaching and Career Studies. Our tutors are experts in their fields and offer an effective and unique mix of academic input and practical application which will equip you with the skills to become a better practitioner.

Our part-time Coaching courses include an undergraduate certificate and diploma, and postgraduate MA’s in Coaching and Career Development and Coaching Studies.

Visit our stand to find out how you can take your coaching practice to the next level.