12th Annual

West Midlands Coaching & Mentoring Pool Conference

25th November 2019

@Birmingham Conference & Events Centre

Welcome to West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool

The West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference is aimed at anyone responsible for coaching and mentoring in their organisation, a manager supporting staff or a coach or mentor working with clients. Our aim is to have something for everyone.

Conference Overview

Many organisations are recognising the importance of employee wellbeing and using coaching as one part of the wellbeing strategy to help create healthier work force.

Evidence suggests that even a small improvement in wellbeing can help people to flourish and also help to decrease some mental health problems, therefore understanding the impacts of wellbeing and strategies to improve it can contribute to enabling people to reach their potential and improve their performance at work.

This years West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference focuses on the role work based coaches and coaching have to play in helping develop resilience and manage stress, the importance of connecting with others, choosing your attitude, and looking after yourself as a coach so you can help others. As well as touching on topics that may impact performance at work but often go unspoken, such as menopause.

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Delegates from the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference 2018
WME CEO at West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference 2018

Key Note Speakers

Welcome and Introductions - by Samantha Darby, Lead for the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool, West Midlands Employers (09:30)

Sam Darby Photo

Sam has been involved in the development of the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool since it began in 2007.

Passionate about supporting organisations develop coaching and mentoring cultures and improving conversations across the workplace, Sam loves bringing people together for the annual conference to support this cause.

Conference Chairperson - Kim Morgan

@BarefootCoaches Kim Morgan is MD of Barefoot Coaching, one of the most successful coach training businesses in the UK. Kim was a pioneer in the development of university accredited coach training and has over 25 years’ experience in the training and development of coaches.

She is a specialist in delivering mentor and coach education at all levels within organisations and has worked with many organisations to help them to develop and implement a coaching culture.

Kim holds a Masters in Coaching and Coaching Development and is a Visiting Research Fellow of the University of Chester and lifetime Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists. Kim is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

Kim has been Coaching at Work’s peer-nominated “Coach of the Year” and is an ICF Master Certified Coach. Kim is author of the best-selling Coach’s Casebook and a monthly columnist in Psychologies Magazine.

Keynote Speaker - Sally Kettle


Inspirational & Motivational Speaker

Sally Kettle is an ocean rower and the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West. She competed in The Ocean Rowing Society Atlantic Rowing Regatta in 2004 with her mother, Sarah Kettle, becoming the first mother and daughter team to row an ocean. She competed in the 2005 Atlantic Rowing Race with the crew Rowgirls.

She is a Vice-President of The Children’s Trust, a UK charity for children with brain injury.

She is also an ambassador for Girlguiding London and South East England.

She launched the well-beginners podcast in early 2019: https://www.thewell-beginners.com/

Keynote Speaker - John Perry

Stress management, mental health and wellbeing – Reducing the fear of what you may face in coaching”

Lead for Healthcare Communication, University of Southampton

John Perry has delivered coaching, facilitation, training and consultancy to a wide range of world-class organisations, including financial services, media, manufacturing, government, policing, and health services. In addition to being a qualified Coach, John is also a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Supervisor. He holds four Masters degrees plus accreditations in Strengthscope & the Strength Deployment Inventory and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. John is a regular speaker at international conferences, including the International Conference of the Association for Coaching. He was the Academy of Chief Executives’ Speaker of the Year for 2017 and won the Vistage Speaker Bureau’s Rising Star award for 2018.

Keynote Speaker - Rachael Davidson

Rachael Davidson

General Counsel, National Grid Ventures and representative on the Government’s Thrive at Work Council

Rachael has worked in a range of roles in telecommunications for BT, O2 and Airwave. After initially qualifying in law in Australia, Rachael moved to the UK in 2000.

In January 2015 Rachael was appointed as National Grid’s UK General Counsel and Company Secretary and was responsible for the UK Legal function. In April 2018, Rachael moved to National Grid Ventures as their General Counsel, which is a global role within National Grid.

Rachael has a keen interest in health and wellbeing from both a personal and organisational perspective. She is the chair of National Grid’s Wellbeing Steering Group and drives both the physical and mental wellbeing agendas at a senior level. She also represents National Grid externally on BiTC’s Leadership Group and the Government’s Thriving at Work Leadership Council.  Outside work Rachael is married, with two young daughters and lives in Warwick.

Blog Posts

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Spotlight Interview with Sally Kettle

‘Putting into places strategies that enable you to feel at all times what you want to feel.’

To push yourself beyond the envelope of social norms and expectations, it takes a certain level of resilience and brilliance and Sally Kettle falls under that umbrella, she is no ordinary woman. An ocean rower and the First Woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West. She made one of these extraordinary journeys with her mum. We interviewed Sally, as we uncovered the building blocks that have enabled her to carry out such bold moves in life, along with her thoughts on well being, motivation and resilience.

This interview serves as a sneak peek to all this extraordinary woman has to offer, you’ll have to join us at the upcoming Coaching and Mentoring conference, to delve deeper with her on this year’s subject matter.

Enjoy the read…

The sweet spot of motivation…

I’ve been lucky enough to have chosen a career I enjoy, pursuing something I am passionate about, as an individual I’ve always been all out to achieve and a self-motivator, and that is something that is a part of my personality. If I am in role that I don’t enjoy I tend to grind to a natural stop. My advice would be to find things you are passionate about and motivation will come naturally.

A significant Mentor experience…

I’ve had several Mentors that have stood out to meOne being: In the past I went through a tough period I was going though IVF to conceive my daughter and I’d undergone some surgery and the aftercare was so awful I came out of the experience with PTSD. Unfortunately it left me with a great deal of anxiety, especially around the medical profession, and I had to go through several months of counselling. Importance of a mentor: Things at home can muddle into work, you carry who you are to everywhere you go. I was looking for a mentor, so I put in an application at my old school, (they run an alumnus mentoring programme) funnily enough my mentor turned out to be a doctor! She was amazing and we developed a good relationship because she allowed me to explain my previous situation, but I also told her what I wanted to get out of our mentor/mentee dynamic. I really wanted it to be business focused, she was so supportive and it also helped with the healing.

The first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West, and once with your mother! Motivation?

I wanted to prove something to myself and other people. I didn’t have the best relationship with my family and I was desperate for their approval, I wanted to show them that I am capable. The irony is I ended up going with my mum! I found out on the row that she had the same motivation! It proved to be the right challenge with the right person. This type of opportunity doesn’t just happen, so be able to do it at all was a huge privilege. We wanted to do something that would change our lives, and it did!

Resilience. Resilience. Resilience.

I’m at my best when things are at their worst, so you can rely on me when events go array! I think I’m pretty resilient too. Over the years I’ve learnt that leadership can be a lonely place. I always felt like I was getting things wrong. It taught me that a leadership mindset isn’t necessarily an innate skill set, it’s a learning process. I know now that I’m also terribly impatient! I’m lucky, because I’ve done monumental things, so I get asked how did I do it, and people are often impressed by how resilient I must be to achieve these things. I believe we all have a level of resilience within us, unfortunately when we’re stuck focusing on the mundane tasks or our every day lives we forget what we’ve been through.The reason why we don’t think we are resilient is because we don’t get the opportunity to be mindful of what I’ve learnt along the way. Sometimes just stopping and looking at how far we’re come helps us to realise how much we’ve been through.

What does well being mean to me?

On my Podcast, The Well Beginners, our first podcast guest and psychologist, Tadhg O’Seaghdha said, “Well being is enabling you to feel how you want to feel all the time more of the time”. This really made sense to me, the idea of putting into place strategies that enable you manage the downs, whilst appreciating the ups.

Celebrate your wins, it’s important.

I’m setting up a new charity called The Active Pregnancy Foundation. It’s funny, because whilst I’m going through the scary ‘set up phase’ I’m appreciating for the first time that I’m on the right path. When I was preparing for my first row everything seemed to come together really easily, however other challenges have not been like that. From what I’ve learnt maybe the reason why it feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall, is because it’s not the right thing for you.  It’s important to acknowledge this, let it go and move on. It’s important to take a step back and process that journey… Taking risks allows you to learn new things and develop new skillsets, but you don’t become resilient to the knockbacks if you’re not prepare to stop, look back, learn from the mistakes and appreciate the wins… however small.

ILM: A Coaching and Mentoring Revolution

A Coaching and Mentoring Revolution

The way we work is different; people don’t stay in a job for life anymore. The rise of the gig economy, career breaks, and changing occupations mean businesses need to focus on how they can quickly and effectively integrate employees into their teams.

Our research shows that building coaching skills at every level of your organisation are the keys to unlocking potential and increasing productivity for the whole business. Through our ILM qualifications, we’re training coaches at every level to help support businesses through change, while boosting workforce engagement, performance and productivity.

We’ve started a coaching revolution – creating skilled coaches and mentors that can get the best out of people everywhere. And we’re proud to sponsor the 12th West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference this year!

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Conference Programme

We are working on our conference programme and will confirm speakers for our ‘Insights’ morning sessions and ‘Going Deeper’ afternoon sessions this month. There will be sessions aimed at Anyone interested in CoachingAdvanced/Experienced Coaches, and HR/OD/L&D Well-being Leads.

Morning & Afternoon Sessions

KEY: Session suitable for

(HR/OD) = HR/OD/L&D Well-being Leads
(All) = Anyone interested in Coaching
(Adv) Advanced/Experienced Coaches

Insights Sessions (11:40 – 12:25)

(Further information to follow)

Session A: Menopause Matters

MeWnopause Matters

Session C: Building Resilience

Session Overview TBC

Session B: Return to Work Coaching

What does a good return to work coaching conversation look like?

What impacts people when they return to work that will help them prepare and manage the transition smoothly?

Session D: Supporting Neurodiversity


Session overview 

What is neurodiversity?

How does it affect people in the workplace?

How can coaching help maximise the guifts of neurodiverse people?

How might it impact how you coach

TBC is experienced coach with c…….

Going Deeper Sessions (14:00 – 15:15)
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(Further information to follow)

Session 1 - Being committed to outcomes and prioritising Well-being

Who Is It For: Advanced understanding and significant experience (i.e. is a full time coach/mentor)

Session overview 

The remarkable growth of the executive coaching industry has been driven largely by the promise of improved performance at work. In other words, many people seek out coaching as a way of enhancing individual, group, team and organisational performance. This focus on performance characterises the stance of many executive coaches in the field today. Indeed, this attention on the ability of coaches to bring about behavioural change seems to drive the commercial success of business, executive and performance coaching.

While this focus on performance or behavioural change is welcome and appropriate, it is important to note that the early proponents of coaching weren’t advocating performance enhancement or behavioural change at all costs. The wellbeing of coachees is a primary concern from the outset, and this is either implicit or explicit in early definitions of coaching.

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what Whitmore identified as the purpose of coaching: ‘sustainable optimum performance’ (2009: 95) and has much to offer coaches in relation to promoting well-being.

This workshop will explore a tension for coaches that involves managing a strong commitment to performance outcomes while at the same time focusing on building coachees’ well-being. The masterclass will draw on a number of sources such as: behavioural theory, positive psychology (including self-determination theory and PERMA) and strengths-based coaching.

Session Lead

David Love is experienced coach with connections to the West Midlands Coaching & Mentoring Pool in its early days. He is a freelance executive coach, working with public service leaders and supervises in-house coaches in the NHS.    David is a Visiting Tutor at Henley Business School, where he tutors on the masters-level Professional Certificate in Coaching programme. He also coaches participants on with the Institute for Local Government Studies (Birmingham University) Total Leadership programme for aspiring chief executives.

With Christian van Nieuwerburgh, David has co-authored “Advanced Coaching Practice – Inspiring Change in Others”.

Session 2 - Dealing with the end of familiar pattern

Who Is It For: Moderate understanding ( i.e. has been on some form of coaching or mentoring training).

Change is an inevitable part of life and over the course of a lifetime, we and our clients will probably experience several significant life transitions.  Some of these will be initiated and planned for and others will be totally unplanned. Life changes can include: house moves, getting married, having children, empty nest syndrome, changes in family set-up, changes in health or wellbeing, changes to finances. Work changes can include: promotion, change of manager or team members, change of company culture, relocation, mergers and acquisitions.

Whether they are positive or negative changes they have an impact on us as they are often significant transformational moments in our lives.

In this workshop, Kim Morgan will draw on psychological models and literature to share some models and techniques which coaches can use to help clients manage the big and small (and inevitable changes) which life throws at us.

Session Lead: 

Kim Morgan is Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching, one of the most successful and fastest growing coaching and coach training businesses in the UK. Kim was one of the UK’s first executive business and personal coaches. Kim pioneered the development of university-accredited coach education in the UK and her lifetime contribution to the industry was recognised when she received Coaching at Work’s award of “Coach of the Year”.

Kim has over 25 years’ experience in the training and development of coaches. Kim holds a Masters in Coaching and Coaching Development and is a Visiting Research Fellow of the University of Chester and lifetime Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists. Kim is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

Session 3 - Somatic Coaching: Beyond the ‘Aha’ Moment into taking action

Who Is It For: Moderate understanding ( i.e. has been on some form of coaching or mentoring training)

As a coach of 30 years, I have always wanted to make a difference, working with people to support them to get to the ‘aha’ moments. However, I noticed, that for some, those magical ‘aha’ moments haven’t always been enough to facilitate lasting change. Somatic coaching has enabled me to work more effectively with those who have discovered new ideas about themselves, even known ‘what to do’ but found themselves unable to actually take action and to do it.

Somatics comes from the Greek work ‘somas’ meaning the body in its wholeness and aliveness. Somatic coaching moves the centre of learning from our beautiful brains, into the body using all of our intelligences; intellectual, emotional and the physical.  Discoveries in neuroscience confirm that the somatic approach is the most direct route to developing the behavioural and interpersonal skills and growth and transformation that our coachees are often looking for. Working through the body using dialogue, mindfulness, noticing and physical practices, we feel first and then move to ground the thinking self into the knowing of the body. For our clients this gives them access to more information and more options and to move away from patterns if they decide that those thoughts, feelings and actions no longer serve them.

Session Lead

Caroline Quaife is an executive coach, organisational and leadership development consultant based in the West Midlands UK. Over the last 30 years she has worked with senior leaders and managers in private, public and non-government organisations.

Her methodology draws on self-embodied learning techniques and somatic work. She works alongside her clients, with compassion and curiosity, to rediscover the felt experience within one’s body and reintegrate this into thoughts and beliefs to realise a full sense of connection and energy.

She has a currently studying with the Strozzi Institute, is a Certified Adult Stage Development coach and has ILM Certificate in Coaching, Masters in Counselling, Post-graduate Certificate in Behaviour Change and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Event Registration

A great event and great value:

Discounts are available for all employees of organisations who subscribe to the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool (WMCMP) – if your organisation is listed on the following webpage, you are eligible for discounts: www.wmemployers.org.uk/coachingandmentoringpool

If 3 or more of you are booking together you get a further 10% discount on your conference booking.



WMCMP Coaches/Mentors £68+VAT (£81.60)
WMCMP Partner Organisations £165+VAT (£198)
Non Member £180+VAT (£216)

We’re sorry that places for this event have been sold out

However if you are still interested in this Coaching & Mentoring Conference and wish to be placed on our reserved list please call 0121 569 2072

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Exhibitors / Sponsors

ILM – Platinum Sponsor and Exhibitor

ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, coaching and management qualifications and training.

We develop the leadership skills of over 95,000 managers each year.

The right mix of inspirational leadership and effective management skills can significantly boost your organisation’s profit, sales, growth and survival. 93% of employers see tangible increase in their managers’ capability after an ILM qualification.

More employers recognise our qualifications than any other provider, which is why 2,500 ILM Approved centres develop three times more leaders than our nearest competitor.

As part of the City & Guilds Group, we offer you unrivalled experience in the sector and our Royal Charter brings the highest level of prestige. 88% of our clients say they would recommend ILM as a key partner to work with.

Visit our stand at the conference to find out more about how ILM can support you and your organisation.

Find out more: www.i-l-m.com 

Follow on @ILM_UK

West Midlands Employers – Conference Organiser and Exhibitor

Come and meet the team to find out more about how West Midlands Employers can support you and your organisation to recruit great people, develop their effectiveness and ensure you can work to the best of your ability.

WME services include providing expert HR advice, coaching and mentoring training, leadership development, end to end recruitment including a successful executive recruitment offer and an associate consultant service to help build capacity in organisations.

Find out more: www.wmemployers.org.uk
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Barefoot Coaching – Exhibitor

Barefoot Coaching is a leading provider of coaching, coach training and coaching-related services for individuals and organisations. Our flagship product is our International Coach Federation / University of Chester accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Personal Coaching, which we run as open courses and in-house for organisations.

Our corporate services include supporting organisations to build a coaching culture, bespoke coach training and supervision for in-house coaches. We work across almost every business sector, both nationally and internationally.

We continue to support our coaches with supervision, conferences and rich programmes of CPD, including courses such as Coaching Skills for Parents and Team Coaching.

Visit our stand to access books, cards and resources to support your coaching and hear more about our programmes.

Find out more: www.barefootcoaching.co.uk
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WME Values - IHEART sponsors of West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference
Image of WME Stand - sponsors of West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference
Image of WME Stand - sponsors of West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference

Venue for The West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference

This year’s 12th Annual Conference is being held at The Birmingham Conferences and Events Centre (The BCEC):

The Birmingham Conference and Events Centre
(Next to Holiday Inn Hotel)
Hill Street
B5 4EW

Getting there:
Easily accessible from the Birmingham Train Stations

(From Grand Central Station – John Lewis Southside exit)
Exit at John Lewis Southside exit
Follow the steps down
Cross the set of traffic lights
To the right is a second set of traffic lights, cross these
Walk left, past the NCP open air car park
Located just on the right hand side (Next to NCP Open air car park)

Get off at M6 Junction 6,
Continue for 2 miles using venue postcode in SAT NAV – B5 4EW

The venue do not offer car parking, however there are several car parks available within the area:

APCOA Multi-storey Car Park Chinatown
(£9 for up to 10 hours of parking) – Using the validating machine at The BCEC reception, you will be able to validate your parking to £9.00 for 10 hours. Payment is taken at APCOA Car Park on exit. Located on Wrottesley Street, B5 4RT.

NCP St Judes Passage
(£3 for an hour, £20.00 for 8 hours of Parking) – This car park is limited to 55 spaces with 1 disabled bay. Located on Hill Street, B5 4AN.

NCP Birmingham Grand Central
(£2.50 for an hour, £20.00 for 8 hours of parking) – This car park is located on Queens Drive, B5 4DQ.

Town Hall Multi-storey Car Park
(£1.50 for an hour, £8.50 for 6 hours of parking) – Located on Brunel Street, B1 1TA.

BCEC Logo - Venue

Click to view the directions video from Birmingham New Street Station to the Conference Venue (The BCEC)

Interactive Map